Joana started teaching in 2020, being invited to give international workshops in Bulgaria (Derida Dance Centre) and Spain (nunArt – Guinardó) for professional dancers. In Portugal she teaches sporadically in some dance schools as All About Dance, Carolina Araújo Dance School, Ginasiano Dance School, MXM Art Centre.

Her approach to dance addresses floorwork techniques, partnering, and exercises that are intended to challenge the participants in their approach to contemporary dance and give them training and analysis tools that allow them to have autonomous evolution. From basic and fundamental exercises for body control, to advanced exercises of surrender and exploration, her approach is considered very physical and body-oriented, however always including physical theater researches. Joana’s work is deeply connected to emotion, character development, climax, humor, plot twists – and therefore these characteristics appear in her practice as well.

Small extract from the workshop given at Derida Dance Centre in 2020.
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