Creation with Leo Calvino

It was just a dream.

Normality returns quickly and sanity does not remain at risk, just turn to the other side and snuggle back into your own soft and fragrant conceptions.
“Where have I been all this time? How many layers does a dream have? Is life just one of those layers? What is death, then, if not an awakening?” Why ask these questions? The alarm in the morning faithfully reminds me to forget.

But I don’t forget, not always. And the only way out is to repeat: “it was only a dream”.

It’s never just a dream.

Premiere \ 11th & 12th November 2022 at Teatro Municipal do Porto . Campo Alegre

Previous dates
\ 27th November 2022, AgitLab, Águeda (PT)
\ 18th May 2023, Cineteatro, Albergaria-a-Velha (PT)

Next dates
\ 10th February 2024, Teatro Narciso Ferreira, Famalicão (PT)
\ 17th May 2024, Centro Cultural Raiano, Idanha-a-Nova (PT)
\ 10th October 2024, Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro (PT)
\ 26th October 2024, Teatro Macedo-de-Cavaleiros (PT)
\ 29th November 2024, Teatro Ribeiro Conceição, Lamego (PT)

Artistic Direction and Concept: Leonardo Calvino

Creation and Interpretation: Joana Couto, Leonardo Calvino

Original music: Rodrigo Ribeiro

Technical Assistant: Juan Fresina

Light design: Leonardo Calvino, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Light and Sound Technician: Rodrigo Ribeiro, Francisco Malojo

Set Assistant: José Maurício Urso

Production: Joana Couto

Communication: Rodrigo Ribeiro

Artistic participation: José Maurício Urso, Maree Lawn

Artistic Consultancy: Bruno Martins, Gustavo Hjerl, Mariana Malojo

Financial and Production Support: Câmara municipal de Águeda – AgitLAB

Co-productions: Instável – Choreographic Centre + Teatro Municipal do Porto

Residencies in Estúdios Victor Córdon, nunArt (Barcelona), Sekoia – Artes Performativas, Teatro da Didascália.

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