Who doesn’t love freelancing? Joana has been freelancing since 2019 in Portugal and it has been an emotional rollercoaster.

@Daniel Sorrentino

Corpúsculo, collaboration between Dinis Santos and Joana Couto

This project was a site-specific transdisciplinary creation that interlaced architecture, history, performance, video, sound and photography. It was a collaboration between Limina Association and Instável-Choreographic Centre.

@Helene David

Océaniques Anonymes, by Le Poème en Volume (FR)

This project was collaboration between Le Poème en Volume & Kale Dance Company. It had the artistic direction of Gaël Domenger e Donatien Garnier. It premiered in 2020 in France.

Alice in Garbage Land, by Maria Clara Villa-Lobos (BR/BE)

This project was a recreation from the original Belgium piece by Maria Clara Villa-Lobos for AORCA Dance Company. It is a creation for educational services, that aims to reach your audiences. It had a community workshop that complemented the performance where the dancers warned for the importance of recycling, reducing and composting.

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