Sinto muito is a sentimental exhibition that intends to question, both as a creator and as a spectator, the interference of the words virtuosity, emotion, beauty and comfort in a creation process and in its final product. How desirable are they, how immediate, how conscious to the creator and how sought after by the outside eye, how supported by institutions, how quickly categorized. In a mature contrast, it travels to the deep love of the declaration and also to the deep regret of eternal absence.

Premiere \ 05th & 06th November 2021 at Armazém 22 . Vila Nova de Gaia (PT)

Previous dates
\ 16th September 2022, Festival Muscarium, Sintra (PT)
\ 30th September 2022, Giro Dance Festival, Azores (PT)
\ 04th July 2023, Festival Deltebre Dans (ES)
\ 25ft November 2023, Festival Internacional de Solos, Póvoa de Varzim (PT)

Next dates

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Interpretation: Joana Couto

Dramaturgy: Leonardo Calvino

Original music: Rodrigo Ribeiro

Set Designer and Costume: Beatriz Sarmento

Light design: Leonardo Calvino, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Technical Director: Leonardo Calvino

Video Editing: Beatriz Sarmento, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Design and Marketing: Rodrigo Ribeiro

Documentation: Beatriz Sarmento

Artistic participation in the premiere: Gracinda Teixeira

Artistic Consultancy: São Castro e António Cabrita

Financial Support: DGArtes – República portuguesa
Financial and Production Support: Derida Dance Centre (Bulgaria), Paulo Ribeiro Company

Co-productions: Armazém 22

Residencies in Ballet National de Marseille, Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva, Instável-Centro Coreográfico.

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